Methods for Optimized Grid Operation

The Methods for Optimized Grid Operation group develops innovative methods for the optimized management of electrical networks across all voltage levels with a focus on electrical engineering and energy technology. In this context, methodological aspects of network and system management are combined and further developed. The focus of the work is on technology development with the aim of application as core modules in the neighboring groups of decentralized automation (in the lower voltage levels) or as independent modules of control system applications (in the upper voltage levels).

The group sees itself as an interface for utilizing current and future challenges of grid operation (e.g. in the subject areas of flexibility (availability and utilization), higher utilization, digitalization/automation). An increased consideration of the interface and the transition between classical issues of network planning and network operation (planning) will be driven forward by the joint development of optimization tools. In addition, a consideration of issues of operational management in the sense of operational asset management as an interface to network management aspects will take place.


  • Combined AC/(HV)DC operation management
  • Operation planning processes & operational congestion management
  • Outage variant and network security calculation
  • Power flow control/higher utilization
  • Curative system management (planned/unplanned)
  • Adaptive (overhead line) operation
  • Flexibility utilization/"RD X.0"
  • "Dynamic"/network state-dependent network equivalents
  • Integration of operational flexibility into planning issues and transfer to operational planning processes network state determination/state estimation