IT Systems Network Management

The increasingly complex energy system also places increasingly complex demands on the coordination and exchange of information between the plants and devices involved in grid operation management. To ensure end-to-end communication between the various stakeholders involved (TSO, DSO, plant operators, SMGW administrators, etc...), interoperability is a basic requirement. With the help of these communication channels, it is then possible to obtain information and (real time) data and use them for modern operational management concepts.

The IT Systems Network Management group concentrates in its work on the various possibilities of integrating innovative applications into the complex system of network operation. For this purpose, IT possibilities are created to test and validate these applications in detail in advance and then to integrate them into the real operation of the network operators with the help of standardized data models and interfaces. The latter in the context of pilot projects.

To this end, the Group has developed two IT platforms specializing in the two fields of simulation and demonstration. The simulation platform OpSim offers the possibility to couple different components (virtual and real) with each other in real time or simulated time and thus provide realistic conditions for development and application tests. The pilot system platform beeDIP uses standardized interfaces and data models (e.g. CIM CGMES, IEC 61850, IEC104 etc) to communicate with real systems in the field and the control systems and to provide the required information in a processed way for the novel applications that are implemented on the platform.


  • Interfaces and data models
  • Automatic transfer of data models (e. g. IEC61850 to CIM)
  • Network data conversion - CIM CGMES converter (pp2cim, cim2pp)
  • Software architectures
  • Process connections/integrations of software functions
  • beeDIP - operations management and data integration platform