Publications in 2013

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Publications in 2013

P. Zacharias," What has cosmic rays to do with the solution of the 50.2Hz problem and the reactive power supply of photovoltaics?", 28th Symposium Photovoltaic Solar Energy, Kloster Banz, Bad Staffelstein, 06-08.03.2013.

P. Zacharias," Power Electronics in the Electricity Network," ECPE Workshop "Power Electronics in the Electrical Network," Kassel, 2013-03-12.

P. Zacharias," Role of Power Electronics in Future Grids What PE can do in Smart Grids, Super Grids, Micro Grids?", Kassel, 12.03.2013.

J. P. da Costa, W. Kruschel, D. Mende, T. Bülo, P. Zacharias," Use of Power Electronic Voltage Regulators in Low Voltage Distribution Networks", ECPE Workshop "Power Electronics in the Electrical Network", Kassel, 13.03.2013.

D. Pappis, A. C. Schittler, J. R. Pause, M. A. Dalla Costa, A. Campos, J. Marcos Alonso, "Modified flyback for HID lamp supply: design, modeling and control," IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, March-April 2013.

T. Kleeb, D. Gottschalk, F. Fenske, P. Zacharias, "Design of a Transformer with integrated Current Doubler for an Automotive On-Board Power Supply," PCIM, Nuremberg, May 14, 2013,

D. Lafferte, P. Zacharias,"Optimization of the crowbar protection in doubly fed induction wind generators acc. the Chilean grid code requirements for wind power",Encuentros Boston 2013, MIT (USA), June 28, 2013.

A. C. Schittler, D. Pappis, A. Campos, M. A. Dalla Costa, J. Marcos Alonso, "Interleaved buck converter applied to high-power HID lamps supply: design, modeling and control," IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, July-August 2013.

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T. Kleeb, S. Araújo, P. Zacharias, "Size and performance optimization of filter inductors for highly efficient and compact power conversion circuits", EPE, Lille, 03.09.2013.

W. Kruschel, J. P. da Costa, B. Dombert, D. Mende, T. Bülo, P. Zacharias," Power Electronic Voltage Regulator for Increasing the Distributed Generation Capacity in Low Voltage Networks, EPE, Lille, 04.09.2013.

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