The solar boats

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Pictures and video:  Alex Steckler

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What to do?

Several teams are formed within a school class. Each team consists of 2-4 students. Each team builds one boat and creates 2 posters. How many teams from a class may participate in the competition is decided by the competition management 2-3 weeks before the competition, depending on how many registrations there are in total. Each class will then be assigned a corresponding number of starting numbers. A preliminary competition within the class will decide which teams will receive a start number and participate in the Hessen SolarCup. Of course, the whole class should come to Königsplatz to cheer.

All boats must use propulsion parts, which are available in different designs. These are available as kits and include: 1 solar motor, 1 propeller or 1 water propeller, 1 solar panel, 1 motor mount. Starting in 2022, the boats will be equipped with a water screw propeller.
The hull of the solar boats will be designed and built by the students according to their own designs and experiments. The only condition: The footprint of the boats must not exceed the outer dimensions of an A4 sheet of paper. The starting number must be attached to the right and left of each boat (at least 3x3 cm). For the race it is important that the boats can go as straight as possible.

The Wasserlebnishaus conducts workshops on building solar boats for whole classes.(flyer)

You can find more information in our regulations.