The ultra light solar mobile

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What to do?

A group of at least 2 to max. 4 students or trainees forms a team and constructs an ultra-light solar mobile. The team takes part in the race on the day of the competition. The race is run on a circuit, which is built in the shape of a figure eight. The results of the races count towards the overall result, as does the evaluation of the two posters that must be made. The posters are on the one hand a poster for the description and representation of the model, and on the other hand one that deals with a general topic.

There are three separate categories:

  • Students in grades 5 to 8, with freely designed vehicles.
  • The students of the classes 5 to 8, with vehicles of a given kit.
  • Pupils in grades 9 to 13 and apprentices.

The requirements for the two classes differ during the race. The classes 9 to 13 and apprentices drive the same circuit as the classes 5 to 8, but have the additional requirement to master a change of direction.