Solar power at the kitchen table

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The "Solar Power at the Kitchen Table" project has ended, but we are providing videos and materials under the"Boat Yard" and"Building Instructions" menu items to enable you to makesolar-powered vehicles for water and land!

What to do?

Solar boats: (3rd & 4th grade)

Children are asked to search for materials to build a boat at home, on a walk or in the household, and thereby explore the environment. The goal is to build a boat that is powered by a solar panel. There are no limits to creativity when designing the boat. In addition, the children are to deal with the topic of solar power and create a poster to deal with the topic in their own creative way. In the end, a short video about the experiences and the finished boat will be filmed. The children will be supported in their project by an online course with explanatory videos, FAQs and live chats. Individual children as well as sibling teams can participate.

They can order two possible drives from the Lemo-Solar company to build solar boats:

When ordering, please specify that the solar modules should have soldered connection wires.

Ultralight vehicles: (5th to 8th grade)

The young people are to build a solar-powered vehicle at the kitchen table with the material sent to them. They should follow the rules of the Hessen SolarCup, so that the vehicles can compete in the next competition, if they want to. In addition, a poster on the topic of solar power is to be created in order to deal with this topic in its own creative way. At the end a small video of the ultralight vehicle in action is to be created. To support the young people, there will be tutorials on how to build the vehicle, FAQs and live chats in an online course. Individual children can participate, but sibling teams are also welcome.

If they want to get the materials they need to build the vehicles, there is a materials list below with links to the stores. If you have any further questions, please send us an email:


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Material list for interested parties