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The building instructions consist of several videos that describe how you can build an "ultralight solar mobile" with the help of a kit. For the kit there is a material list for download, in which there are links to stores where you can get the material. Of course there are other ways to get the material. The links are just to make your work easier. Have a look at all the videos before you buy the material. Maybe you want to do one or the other differently!

If you want to build a "kit" model, then please watch ALL videos first, especially the tutorial for the conversion of the vehicle. Here you can see how you can equip the Solarmobil with a steering system. Also you can see how to install the electrolytic capacitor.

At Lemo-Solar you can get a complete kit on request: "Ultralight kit for the Hessen SolarCup".

At Banggoog there is a stable solar module, which is not as efficient as the one from Lemo-Solar and it does not allow parallel connection. But it is much cheaper.