CF+ Lab Meetings

Erstes Lab Meeting

Das erste Lab Meeting "Cyberfeminist legacies, technofeminist trajectories, computational practices: where are we today?" fand am 09. November 2018 statt, mit einem Beitrag von Cornelia Sollfrank einem vertiefenden Workshop.

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Zweites Lab Meeting

Das zweite Lab Meeting unter dem Titel "Building a feminist data set and a feminist technological praxis" fand am 17. Januar 2019 mit Caroline Sinders statt.

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Zweites Lab Meeting - Bild

Handschriftlicher, englischsprachiger Text auf einem Flipchart: "What is a technological practice for you? And what makes it feminist?; What can sustain such a practice? Structures? Networks? Materials? What is the role of collectivities in building a practice? What is the role of material affordances?; What are the political dimensions of such a technological practice? What kind of political strategies do we / can we generate?"
"Wie würde eine feministische Technopraxis aussehen?" CF+ Lab Meeting am 17. Januar 2019.

Drittes Lab Meeting

Das dritte Lab Meeting "m-e-t-h-o-d-o-l-o-g-i-e-s (or not): doing things together with computational practice and feminist theory" fand am 14. März 2019 mit einem Beitrag von Femke Snelting statt.

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Viertes Lab Meeting

Das vierte Lab Meeting fand am 29. April 2019 unter dem Titel "Pulling the strings together: Techno-politics, practices and strategies at the intersection of computing/theory/arts" statt; mit Gastbeiträgen von Sandra Buchmüller (TU Braunschweig), Isabel Paehr (Künstlerin, Berlin) und Pat Treusch (TU Berlin).

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Endometrium At Beginning of Menstruation. The glands, except for the one seen in the center, have collapsed, having discharged the mate-rial which was secreted during the premenstrual stage. The blood-vessels have been eroded bythe ferment contained in the secretion, allowing the blood to exude into the tissue and on the sur-face of the endometrium. The surface epithelium in this section is still intact.


Der CF+ Abschluss-Workshop mit Ma­rie Koch­siek zum Thema "Bo­dies and Tech­no­lo­gies: Mens­tru­al Tracking, Health Apps and Bey­ond" fand am 21. Oktober 2019 statt.

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