1.0 Mounting

First of all you have to print the chassis with a 3D-printer. Here is the stl-file. You need this file too, if you want to use the line sensor. For mounting the IR distance sensor for "Maze" you may print this two times and please watch first the video "3.0 Conversion to Maze"! In addition, you need that, to mount the color sensor.  If you like to transform the chassis with "Fusion360" here is the needed file. If you have it done, I´m interested to see the stl and why you have changed it, if you like.

While waiting for the 3-D-Prints you could prepare your computer by watching video "1.1 IDE". In addition, you can work on the following 3 lessons "2.1 Hello World", "2.2 Hello World.2" and "2.3 Interrupt". Those three could be attended without the finished robot, only using the "Arduino" board.

Next please forget the assembly instructions that come with the kit and watch the first video "Mounting". (Or look it on this site, see below.) If you like, you might take this text-file written in German and put it into a translator to read it in your own language. It´s written on "Libre Office" an open source writing program. But if you like it´s possible to open it with other programs.

In addition, comes a list of the extra required materials with links to (german) shops.

Enjoy the video. I hope it´s all shown as you need it.

If there are any questions ask: robocup@uni-kassel.de

Here comes a sheet with the schematic of wiring.