1.0 Mounting

For the tutorial we use the "Robotics Hitech" kit from Fischertechnik (see below too).  I chose it because of the following features:

The central module has 8 inputs for sensors,

4 outputs for actuators,

3 outputs for servos and a touch screen. 

 A great sensor is also the camera.

Programming is done with Scratch, a significant improvement to "Robo Pro".

Here are the foils for the assembly.

(Okay, the quality of the photos isn't great, but you'll get it.)

And, yes, in my opinion, the sockets are not as they should be. They keep coming up. That's why I secured them all with duct tape.

Maybe these two kits together are a good alternative: Robotics TXT 4.0 Base Set plus Robotics Add On: Competition. Joachim from Hannover has been recommended them for the school from Fischertechnik. As soon as I get feedback from him, I will report it.

To attach the wheels of Lynxmotion (search: lynxmotion wheels) to the robot, there are STL files (Links above) for an adapter.
You also need the "4mm-Hubs". Perhaps you need some longer screws (Inch!)