General course programme and registration

1. Switch on your VPN client.
For security reasons, you can only continue from here with a VPN client. Any student or staff member of the University of Kassel can install this client.

Instructions on the use of VPN

All other persons please contact: sz[at]uni-kassel[dot]de


2. If necessary, take a placement test (German, English, Spanish and French, not for beginners' courses!)
If you do not wish to attend a beginners' course, for the German, English, French and Spanish courses you must take a placement test.

If you completed a course at the previous level last semester, we will send a registration code to all successful course participants shortly before opening our online registration.


3. Select which language or general key qualification you are interested in from the list.


4. Select the department/degree programme you belong to or employee / external guest.

This selection is important as it is the only way to determine whether your department may offer you a free course place (Studium International or Patenplatz) or whether you have to pay for the course yourself (Studium Plus).

You can't find your department / your degree programme? Select Studium Plus at the end of the list.
You are not a student of the University of Kassel? Please select Staff Member ("Mitarbeiter*in") or External guest (non-affiliated to the University of Kassel) ("Externe Nutzer*in) at the bottom of the list.


5. Select the course you would like to attend.

  • If the course is listed under "Studium International" or "Patenplatz", it can possibly only count towards your degree programme under certain circumstances (please check with your department). External guests and staff members must always cover the costs of courses themselves.
  • If the course is listed under "Studium Plus", your department will unfortunately not cover the costs and you will have to pay for this course yourself. External guests and members of staff must always cover the costs of courses themselves.
  • If you receive the information that your department's budget or your personal budget for attending free courses has been used up, you must change your status and select "Studium Plus" in step 4.

6. Follow the steps in the online registration

7. Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully and in particular our regulations on course withdrawal and compulsory attendance.

8. Print out the confirmation of registration incl. your personal registration number and retain it for reference!

Instructions for the use of VPN
For data security reasons, you can register for our programmes with an installed VPN client. This can be installed by all students and employees of the University of Kassel.
Instructions for the use of VPN
If you have technical problems installing the VPN client, please do NOT contact the Language Centre, but the IT Service Centre: +49-(0)561-804-5678 oder
If you are not an enrolled student or employee of the University of Kassel, please contact: sz[at]uni-kassel[dot]de or for the DSH: dsh-deutschkurse[at]uni-kassel[dot]de