Web and video conferencing

For the use of web or video conferences, the Teaching Service Center recommends the software"Zoom" provided by the University of Kassel.

In addition to the self-hosted meetings, the Teaching Service Center offers you the possibility to hold video conferences in the studio of the SCL as part of a course.

A wide variety of scenarios are possible, whether it is an expert lecture, an exam or a disputation with external participants (e.g. project partners, examinees or reviewers from other universities).


In the context of courses, the university provides instructions for participants (students).

Teachers have the option of recording Zoom meetings in a privacy-compliant manner - a recommended course of action for teachers and students on this topic can be found here.


For meetings with higher demands on confidentiality and data protection (e.g. confidential meetings or exams), a locally installed server instance of Zoom has been set up that can be used.