Announcement and application

Application for a Germany Scholarship for 2022/23

The application process for the funding year 2022/2023 is closed. For the funding year 2023/2024 you will find more information here next year.

Notes on the application

  1. Only complete applications submitted via the online form will be considered in the application process. Applications not submitted in due time and/or form will not be considered in the selection process.
  2. It is not possible to apply by mail or e-mail.
  3. If the application documents are not written in German or English, an officially certified translation in German or English must be enclosed.
  4. All required application documents (see below "Necessary application documents") must be in a pdf document of max. 10 MB be uploaded at the end of the online application form. The "Declaration on the processing of personal data" (see below "Notes on data protection") must be printed out and signed and uploaded as a pdf document together with all the attachments at the end of the application form.
  5. Receipt of the application will be confirmed to the applicant by an automated message sent to the e-mail address provided by him/her in the application form.
  6. The online application must be submitted no later than midnight on Friday, November 18, 2022. After that, the online application form will close automatically.
  7. The award and rejection notifications for the Deutschlandstipendium will be sent out in February 2023 at the latest.

Application is made by means of an online application form. The following documents must be included in this online application form in the following order in one pdf file to be uploaded. The pdf file should not exceed the maximum size of 10 MB.

1. a curriculum vitae in tabular form (without passport photo)

2. the current certificate of enrollment

3. from the second semester onwards: proof of the examination results achieved so far within the current study program in the form of an HISPOS extract

4. in the case of a previous study program or from the master's program onwards:

  4a. the diploma (not the certificate!) of the previous study program

  4b. the transcript of records (The transcript or transcript of records is a list of the courses attended during the course of study, which is attached to the degree certificate. It may also have other designations, such as module or course confirmation).

  4c. the Diploma Supplement with the annex ECTS grading table (The Diploma Supplement is a document that explains the ECTS-modularized study program in detail after graduation. Not every university attaches the ECTS grading table or comparable overviews to the Dipploma Supplement ).

If these documents are not yet available, a preliminary confirmation from the examination office about the already completed studies must be submitted.

5. the certificate of higher education entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur certificate)

- in the case of foreign certificates:

  5a. a translation transferable to the German system and conversion to the German grading system.

  5b. the uni-assist test report on the university entrance qualification

6. in case of completed vocational training: the training certificate

7. In addition proofs can be submitted about:

  7a. Special personal and/or family circumstances

  7b. Disability and/or (chronic) illness

  7c. Social commitment

  7d. Prizes and awards

  7e. Internship and work references

8. Declaration of personnel processing data

  1. Before filling out the online application form, please read the declaration on the processing of personal data and enclose it signed with your application.
  2. For further information on data protection at the University of Kassel, please refer to the University's privacy policy.

All students enrolled at the University of Kassel are eligible to apply.

Female students, students with a migration background, and students from non-academic homes are expressly encouraged to apply.

October 01, 2022 (retroactive) to September 30, 2023

The award is made on the basis of the selection criteria of § 4 para. 4 of the "Statutes of the University of Kassel for the implementation of the Scholarship Program Act of 02 May 2012, amended on 15 June 2016": "Scholarships are awarded on the basis of talent and performance. In addition to previous achievements and personal career, social commitment, willingness to assume responsibility, or special social, family, or personal circumstances resulting, for example, from family origin or a migration background shall also be taken into account."

Maximum period of support: The maximum period of support is the standard period of study of the respective degree program.

The scholarship is awarded as a grant that does not have to be repaid. It is income-independent and can be combined with support from the BaföG.

Adouble support by other talent- and performance-dependent material support, for example by one of the 13 support organizations for gifted students, is excluded (see § 4 para. 1 StipG).

Do you have any questions about the call for applications or the application? Then please contact the programme manager of the Deutschlandstipendium, Ms. Daniela Szyska, or Ms. Gabriele Spitzinger by e-mail at deutschlandstipendium[at]uni-kassel[dot]de.

Please read the documents and instructions available on this page thoroughly beforehand .