The University of Kassel actively fosters the civic engagement of students, staff and all its members. The University welcomes cooperations with initiatives, non-profit organizations and public institutions, mostly from the region. The integration of civic engagement into teaching (service learning) is specifically promoted

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Information regarding volunteering projects by members of the University of Kassel in reaction to the coronavirus pandemic (in German)

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"Thought and action at the University of Kassel are characterized by open-mindedness toward problems and challenges in society and nature. [...] The University of Kassel has an obvious affect on its surroundings."

- Mission Statement of the University of Kassel -

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Dr. Imke-Marie Badur
UniKasselTransfer | Service Learning und gesellschaftliches Engagement
Universitätsplatz 12 | 34109 Kassel
+49 561 804-7469

Katharina Leinius
Contact Person for International Students
+49561 804-2818