04.02.2020 12:45

NEWLY Published article by Shweta Mishra on students' social networks with a special focus on underrepresented groups in higher education

Shweta Mishra: Social networks, social capital, social support and academic success in higher education: A systematic review with a special focus on ‘underrepresented’ students. In Educational Research Review. Online first. 17. December 2019

Social factors have been found to play an important role in academic achievement. Given the role of social factors, this article examines the academic outcomes of students from a social network, social capital, and social support perspective with a special focus on underrepresented groups in higher education. The article is based on a systematic review of literature where evidence shows that the networks of students including their family, ethnic and religious affliations, friends, and faculty play a role in academic success. The article details a framework describing how network members of underrepresented groups complement each other with regard to resources offered and contribute to academic success.