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INCHER-(e)newsletter 2/23 is online. You will find current dates, news from research, reports from INCHER members and new publications.

INCHER-update is our regularly published newsletter. It shows research results, new projects, recent publications, events, news from INCHER team, and more ...

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Issue no. 41, 2019

INCHER newsletter update no. 41 (August 2019) is a special issue on the occasion of the CHER 32nd Annual Conference, 28 August – 30 August 2019 hosted by INCHER-Kassel. Among others, it contains the conference program, and a look back on more than 3 decades of CHER by Ulrich Teichler. Read also highlights of the strategic plan of INCHER-Kassel for the next years, publications by INCHER-members in 2019, news from INCHER-team and more.