20.11.2019 14:43

Newly published article on peace education in teacher training curricula by Pineda, Celis and Rangel

Pedro Pineda, Jorge Celis & Lina Rangel (2019): The worldwide spread of peace education: discursive patterns in publications and international organisations. In: Globalisation, Societies and Education, Published online: 15 Sep 2019.

Peace Education is at the core of teacher education programmes in many countries. In their recent article Pineda, Celis and Rangel study the moments of diffusion of PE around the world. They compare these moments to the world diffusion of human rights education (HRE). This comparison allows for a reference regarding the moments of expansion of PE in relation to other educational ideas. The authors found that the institutionalisation of Peace Education was furthered by: (a) the increasing search for discourses that highlighted individual agency of self-declared ‘peace educators’; (b) educational expansion that generated a greater demand for so-called best practices; and (c) the active role of professionals working on organisations such as UNESCO, UNICEF and the identified international organisations.

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