TitleEducational trajectories and psychosocial development of students at the Waldau Open School (BiO)
Duration2011 - 2021
ManagementHans Peter Kuhn, Monika Buhl (University of Heidelberg)
CollaboratorsEdgar Schoreit (former); Marius Mähler (former); Daniela Wagner (former)
FundingOffene Schule Waldau (experimental school of the state of Hesse); own funds
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TitleEvaluation of the Practical Semester in the Teacher Training Program (PraxisEVALUATION)
Duration2014 - 2020
ManagementHans Peter Kuhn, Martin Hänze, Frank Lipowsky
CollaboratorsFranz Klingebiel M.A., Marius Mähler M.A., Anne Böhnert M.A., Johannes Osterberg M.A.
FundingHessian Ministry of Science and the Arts (HMWK)
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TitleEvaluation of the all-day program Pakt für den Nachmittag at Hessian elementary school
Duration2017 - 2020
ManagementNatalie Fischer, Hans Peter Kuhn
Scientific collaborationCarina Tillack M.A., Selina Mütze M.A., Annika Majewski, Uwe Dezhgahi
Stud. CollaborationMarina Bandov, Nadezhda Filippova, Christina Fried, Yannik Himstedt, Lea Stahl, Ann-Sophie Trost, Elisabeth Vollmer
InternsAlexander Hafner, Lea Stahl, Mirjam Papenfuß
Survey leaders in the Darmstadt-Dieburg education region: Kim Jahnke, Linda Pyko, Jasmin Erhardt, Hanna Weimer
FundingHKM, 2'2017-3'2020
Final report: Results of the evaluation and recommendations for educational policy and practice can be found in the Final report of the evaluation "Pact for the Afternoon".
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TitleScientific monitoring of the aptitude testing procedure for future school principals in NRW
Duration2016 - 2018
ManagementHans Peter Kuhn
StaffUwe Dezhgahi M.A.
FundingQUA-LIS North Rhine-Westphalia
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TitleEvidence-based further development of practical school studies for systematic reflection on aptitude and professionalization of student teachers
Duration2015 - 2018
ManagementHans Peter Kuhn, Axel Knüppel, Catrin Siedenbiedel
CollaboratorAnika Wolf M.A.
FundingFederal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), subproject of PRONET (Professionalization through Networking) of the University of Kassel in the framework of the Quality Offensive Teacher Education
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TitleEvaluation of the Step-by-Step Concept in Inter-Grade Learning (JüL) at the Reform School Kassel
Duration2015 - 2018
ManagementFrauke Grittner, Friederike Heinzel, Hans Peter Kuhn
StaffDina Groetzner, Andrea Sollorz (former)
FundingReformschule Kassel (experimental school of the state of Hesse); own funds
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TitleScientific monitoring of the project School Leadership Coaching in North Rhine-Westphalia
Duration2013 - 2016
ManagementHans Peter Kuhn
CollaboratorsUwe Dezhgahi M.A., Dr. Andrea Goldenbaum
FundingQUA-LIS North Rhine-Westphalia
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TitleEvaluation of the Transfer Project Schools Take Responsibility - Educational Pathways of Learners
ManagementHans Peter Kuhn, Andrea Goldenbaum
CollaboratorsMartina Schmittat, Paula Stockmann
FundingBrandenburg Gate Foundation and Berlin Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family; own funds
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TitleProfessional self-image in the school STEM sector: biography and technology in a gender and generational context (ProMINT)
Duration2015 - 2016
ManagementAlexandra Retkowski (main responsibility), Hans Peter Kuhn
CollaboratorsVerena Pohl, Clara Waskönig
FundingHessian Ministry of Science and the Arts (HMWK)
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TitleStudy on the development of all-day schools (StEG)
Duration2005 - 2011
ManagementEckhard Klieme (DIPF Frankfurt)
CollaboratorsHans Peter Kuhn, Natalie Fischer, Felix Brümmer, Ivo Züchner
FundingFederal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), European Social Fund (ESF)
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TitleGender-specific processes of political identity formation in adolescence
Duration2003 - 2005
DirectionHans Peter Kuhn

German Research Foundation (DFG) (DFG reference number: KU 1309/4-1)

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TitlePolitical socialization of high school students under the influence of school, parental home, peers and social milieu
Duration1995 - 2003
DirectionHans Oswald
CollaboratorsHans Peter Kuhn, Christine Schmid
FundingGerman Research Foundation (DFG)
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TitlePolitical Socialization of Adolescents in the New States of the Federal Republic of Germany (Brandenburg), in Israel and on the West Bank
Duration1997 - 2003
DirectionHans Oswald, Zvi Eisikovits, Bernard Sabella, Karin Weiss
CollaboratorsHans Peter Kuhn, Hilke Rebenstorf
FundingGerman Research Foundation (DFG)
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