Evidence-based further development of practical school studies for systematic reflection on aptitude and professionalization of student teachers

The project aims to develop an evidence-based curriculum for the systematic reflection on aptitude and professionalization of student teachers, to implement it in the practical school studies (SPS I and practical semester) and to evaluate its effectiveness. The curriculum refers to the educational and social science part of the school internship. Based on scientific findings, educational policy recommendations (including KMK standards for teacher education) and the expertise of stakeholders from all three phases of teacher education, a handbook for the implementation of the curriculum for the university support of students in their school internships will be developed - based on the Delphi method. On the basis of this curriculum or handbook, the university support seminars are to be expanded into an offer that is binding and reliable. It should also offer and deal with the topics that are relevant for the reflection on aptitude and the professionalization of the students in the context of the educational science part of the school internship (including role change, observation, teaching, reflection on aptitude) in a comparable manner across the internship groups.

The effectiveness of the curriculum is evaluated using a longitudinal control group design. Half of the university internship supervisors work with the manual in their accompanying seminar, the other half forms the control group. Students are randomly assigned to the internship groups. The development of knowledge and competencies of the students will be surveyed by questionnaire. Furthermore, the internship supervisors will be asked about the implementation of the handbook and their experiences with it by means of guided interviews. The permanent implementation is ensured by the use of a qualification measure for the internship supervisors.