Evaluation of the practical semester

Project title:Evaluation of the model experiment "Introduction of the practical semester" (Praxisevaluation).

The project for the evaluation of the practical semester is a cooperation project of the universities of Frankfurt, Gießen and Kassel. At the University of Kassel, the trial of the so-called practical semester concerns all students of the elementary school and secondary school teaching profession (L1, L2) starting in the winter semester 2014/15.

In order to evaluate the practical semester, which was introduced as a pilot project, the University of Kassel is surveying not only the student teachers in the L1 and L2 programs, but also the students in the Gymnasium teaching program (L3) who are not taking the practical semester.

Since the practical semester is being tested in different teacher training programs at the participating universities, Frankfurt, Giessen, and Kassel, this makes an inter-university comparison of the new model in one teacher training program with the old model at another university possible. The basic features, which are evaluated multiperspectively, are:

  • Initial/framework conditions under which the internship takes place.
  • Processes that take place within the internship
  • (Out-)effects of the intern ship on the aptitude test and the competence development of the students
Project Management:Prof. Dr. Martin Hänze, haenze[at]uni-kassel[dot]de
 Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Kuhn, hpkuhn[at]uni-kassel[dot]de
 Prof. Dr. Frank Lipowsky, lipowsky[at]uni-kassel[dot]de
Contact person(s):Franz Klingebiel, klingebiel[at]uni-kassel[dot]de
Project duration:Completed
Funding Institution:Hessian Ministry of Science and Art
Publications:Böhnert, A., Mähler, M., Klingebiel, F., Hänze, M., Kuhn, H. P. & Lipowsky, F. (2018). The development of profession-specific self-efficacy expectations of student teachers during school-based practice periods. Teacher education under scrutiny 11(1), 85-108.