Current lectures and conferences

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Date Conference Lecture
  • 24.11. to 25.11.2023 8th Hildesheim CeLeB Conference on Educational Research
    • Discussant on the panel: Convictions - ideas - patterns of interpretation - orientations - subjective theories - ... ?! Concepts of profession(alization) and teaching-learning research in dialogue

                    By Johanna Ingenerf, Lukas Janzon and Johannes Kozinowski

  • 22.09.2023 "Error-annotated learner corpora of German: Methodology and empiricism (Digital)"
    • Learner language variation in sentence linking in written narratives of monolingual and multilingual learners of German

                     Together with Anja Binanzer and Hagen Hirschmann


  • 30.06.2023 Panel discussion: LANGUAGE AND EDUCATION
    • Between all the stools? German as a language of education Evangelische Akademie Frankfurt
    • Speakers:
      • Dr. Moti Mathiebe (Leibniz University of Hanover)
      • Prof. Dr. Miriam Langlotz (University of Kassel)
      • Prof. Dr. Beate Lütke (Humboldt University of Berlin)
    • Moderation: 
      • Prof. Dr. Ursula Bredel (University of Hildesheim)
      • Prof. Dr. Helmuth Feilke (Justus Liebig University Giessen)

  • 09-10.06.2023 Relational coherence and narrative writing development in the field of tension between lexis, syntax and semantics
    • Workshop "The development of referential and relational coherence in language production"
      University of Osnabrück
      Together with Anja Binanzer & Hagen Hirschmann 


  • 09.05.2023 Argumentation as a driver of development? On the interplay of form and function
    • Language Department Colloquium - LU Hannover


  • 15-17.09.2021 Technical language expression patterns in physics as components of the educational language register.
    • GAL section conference

      Together with Olaf Gätje


  • 05.2020 Temporal junctures in literature for children and in texts by children - a corpus linguistic analysis. 
    • Opening conference:Linguistic-Literary Learning and German Didactics (SLLD) University of Bochum

                    Together with Hagen Hirschmann & Anja Binanzer

  • 03.2020 Bilingual punctuation acquisition German-Italian. An investigation of narrative student texts. 
    • DGfS Conference Hamburg

  • 21.-22.02.2020 Conference Implicit and explicit linguistic knowledge - interdisciplinary perspectives
    • Leibniz University Hannover

                    Together with Anja Binanzer &  Verena Wecker

  • 09.2019 Temporal junctures in literature for children and in texts by children - On the relationship between literal input and productive abilities
    • 26th Germanists' Conference Saarbrücken.

                    Together with Anja Binanzer

  • 07.2019 Conception of an intervention study on the effects of implicit and explicit grammar teaching in elementary school
    • AG Grammar Didactics University of Erfurt                 

                    Together with Anja Binanzer & Verena Wecker

  • 03.2019 Simplification vs. subject-specific appropriateness? - A linguistic-didactic discussion using the example of linguistic analyses of the structure of nominal groups in textbooks.
    • Conference: Language in subject-specific teaching-learning processes (University of Lüneburg)

                    Together with Olaf Gätje

  • 01.2019 Text-functional explanations of junction use in written narratives of monolingual and multilingual children.
    • Linguistic Colloquium English Studies TU Braunschweig

  • 11.2018 Junction use of monolingual and multilingual pupils in narrative texts - developmental process and explanatory approaches.
    • In the context of the AG Schriftspracherwerb (TU Braunschweig)

  • 06.2018 Bad grammar produces bad sentences? A language didactic discussion.
    • Inaugural lecture (TU Braunschweig)

  • 01.2018 Linguistic knowledge and skills.
    • Invited guest lecture (University of Erfurt)

  • 10.2017 On the decline in performance and the new bad spelling - rumors and scientific findings in spelling didactics.
    • Studium generale (TU Braunschweig)

  • 09.2017 Literacy and grammatical learning.
    • Conference: Grammar didactics. Theoretical and empirical approaches to linguistic heterogeneity. (TU Braunschweig)

                    Together with Olaf Gätje

  • 06.2017 Ideas of norms of prospective teachers.
    • Invitedguest lecture - Colloquium Language3 (Ruhr-University Bochum)
  • 06.2017 Variation margins of the interpunctual norm.
    • Conference: Dynamics - Variation - System. (University of Münster)

                    Together with Linda Stark

  • 05.2017 How much grammar do humans need - and for what?
    • Conference: Contemplativeness is the trump card? Germanist perspectives on the 50s. (University of Kassel)

                    Together with Olaf Gätje

  • 02.2017 On the acceptability of punctuation variants - perspectives on norm, system and usage.
    • Invitedguest lecture - Linguistics Colloquium (University of Regensburg)

  • 12.2016 The second subordinate clause can be read better as a single main clause - Punctuation corrections in student texts.
    • Invitedguest lecture - Linguistics Colloquium (University of Würzburg)

  • 10.2016 Yes, how now? Dealing with linguistic doubts.
    • Studiumgenerale (TU Braunschweig)

  • 09.2016 Language support: How must teacher training be supplemented?
    • Conference: Integrating unaccompanied refugee minors - but how? (TU Braunschweig)

  • 09.2016 Junction in narrative texts. Acquisition and development by monolingual and multilingual primary school children.
    • Conference: Germanists' Day Bayreuth (University of Bayreuth)

                    Together with Anja Binanzer

  • 09.2016 Traces of the literary - Imitation as an instrument of writing.
    • Conference: Symposion Deutsch Didaktik (PH Ludwigsburg)

  • 06.2016 Narrative cohesion in the second language German - Do junction techniques differ depending on the first language?
    • Conference: Narration in the second language (University of Graz)

                    Together with Anja Binanzer

  • 09.2015 Punctuation and stylistic freedom in student texts.
    • Conference: Punctuation between norm and stylistic freedom. (University of Kassel)

  • 09.2015 Grammatical text analysis.
    • Conference: Empirical educational research in German didactics (PH Ludwigsburg)

  • February 2015 also as an indicator for the development of text competence and the formation of literacy - a contribution to writing diagnostics.
    • Conference: Annual Conference Vals-Asla 2015 (Fribourg, Switzerland)

                    Together with Olaf Gätje

  • 09.2014 Junction and writing development. A comparison of topic development patterns argumentation and narration.
    • Conference: Symposion Deutschdidaktik (University of Education Basel)

  • 07.2012 Germanys next Topmodell meets Reclam - An empirical study on the receptive impact of a media restaging.
    • Conference: On the materiality and mediality of writing and text - 28th conference of the AG-Medien (University of Kassel)

                    Together with Christoph Müller

  • 09.2011 Extensions of connection in relation to aggregation and integration.
    • Conference: Contrasts and Contexts.  (University of Pécs)