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Seminar description

In the first part of the seminar, students from Germany and abroad had the opportunity to explore various extracurricular learning sites with the seminar leader Tanja Fohr and, for example, to learn more about memorial pedagogy and other approaches in expert discussions, such as with the dOCUMENTA13 artist Gunnar Richter. In test sequences on site, for example at the museum "Neue Galerie" or at the "Amtsgericht", different didactic-methodical approaches were tested, discussed and further developed in teams in the form of teaching simulations. In the second part of the project seminar, the participants worked independently on developing extracurricular learning sites. The selection was based on personal interests, but also on the participants' own experiences as learners of German in Kassel. For example, one group commented: "When I arrived in Germany, I was afraid to ride the streetcar. I didn't know what the word 'direction' meant and couldn't ask for directions."

Another team was interested in tapping into a primary learning site, that is, a place that is actually already set up for learning. Art museums or even memorials or places of cultural and historical significance, such as the Marble Baths in Kassel, are difficult for learners of German to grasp despite guided tours and directions. After a guided tour through the "Neue Galerie", some foreign students found that they hardly understood anything because they could not understand the technical language expressions used to explain the picture contexts. Based on this problem, this group worked out a concept for learning German in the marble bath.

In the final part of the seminar, the students presented their project results on site in the form of teaching simulations. The entire seminar and guests from the DaFZ department will take on the role of German learners at different levels and will try out action and communication-oriented German lessons, for example, on the way through the town hall, in the streetcar, walking through the Karlsaue and in the marble bath.

The project seminar "From speechless wonder to animated conversation: experiential learning outside the classroom" shows how to combine theoretical and practical aspects in professional qualification at the university in such a way that the pedagogical buzzwords of holistic, action- and production-oriented learning are filled with life.

Project description

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From speechless amazement to animated conversation

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