PRONET-D "Digitization and professional self-image of students (DipSS)".

The project PRONET-D follows on from the Kassel projects PRONET and PRONET of the Quality Offensive Teacher Education by continuing the idea of professionalization through networking with regard to digitization. Structures established in PRONET are used and further developed with a view to sustainably anchoring the topic of digitization in research and teaching at the University of Kassel. Qualitative accompanying research The qualitative accompanying research is dedicated to the question of how students and teachers react to digitally supported teaching and learning formats. It collects data on the prior knowledge, attitudes, and forms of interaction of all participants and thus provides information on the potential, but also on the obstacles to the use of technological innovations in everyday university life. Since the survey is not only interdisciplinary, but also designed as a panel and documents the course of the process, insights into individual modes of appropriation, institutional contexts and examples of "best practice" can be expected. Project management: Prof. Dr. Kerstin Jürgens Project processing and information: