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Frauke Banse is lecturer at the Department of Political Science. She studied political science at the University of Bremen and philosophy at the University of Paris and pursued her doctoral studies at the University of Kassel attending the Global Social Policies and Governance graduate school. In 2013 she finished her PhD thesis on effects of foreign funding on trade unions in Ghana and Benin.

Apart from being an academic, Banse worked for NGOs and civil society networks (Bewegungsstiftung (movement foundation), medico international, Clean Clothes Campaign), as a coordinator in the Global Labour University and as a freelance researcher and trainer.

Banse’s research focuses on the intersection of international and intersocietal relations, International Political Economy and development studies. In particular, she is interested in international trade and development policies, as well as international trade unions and labour rights. The regional focus of her work is (West-)Africa, with a specific focus on the EU/German – Africa relations.

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