The Department of Social Sciences places significant importance on ensuring that all members of the organization, including teachers, employees, and students, are treated equally. To achieve this goal, the department aims to examine work procedures, forms, cooperation, and communication structures to identify any potential disadvantages experienced by individuals based on their gender, migration background, disability, or family situation.

Promoting equality requires a commitment from all members of the university, and it encompasses all areas and aspects of the institution. It is not solely the responsibility of a single dean's office or committee, but rather requires the support and active participation of all faculty, staff, and students within the department. To assess the effectiveness of existing procedures and initiatives in achieving this objective, the department established an Equal Opportunity Commission in 2012.

Equal Opportunity Commission

The Department's Equal Opportunity Commission is chaired by the Dean and consists of representatives from the History, Political Science, and Sociology departments, the Institute Director of Sports Science, a member of the student representation, two academic mid-level staff members, a member of the administrative staff, and the department's Women's Representative. The departmental advisor attends the meetings in an advisory capacity, and an academic assistant provides support to the commission.

The commission convenes at least once per semester, and its decisions are binding for both the departments and the institute.

One of the primary objectives of the commission is to identify any existing obstacles and opportunities related to equality and initiate appropriate support projects. To achieve this, evaluations are conducted, and various fields of action are identified, which can be viewed on the following pages. A concept and timetable are developed to address these issues. While some projects and changes have already been implemented, please bear with us as we are still in the conception phase for other topics.