Research at the Faculty of Social Sciences

The unifying research profile of the faculty can be determined by four aspects.

Firstly, there is the interest in concepts of historical, modern, and future societies that differ from older research conceptions in that they are expanded by an ecological perspective or face ecological problems.

Furthermore, the different subjects also concern themselves with the challenges posed by transnational and translocal dynamics, especially with regard to the relationships between the global north and the global south. Various aspects are therefore linked, examples being the problems resulting from development policies and especially colonialism and post-colonialism, research on migration movements, causes of flight and the political answers to these that are given within Europe.

Various research associations and projects address the subject of the change that takes place in social inequality and social disparities, research on social human rights and numerous projects that concern themselves with educational inequalities and disadvantages.

There is finally also an expanding number of research projects that concern themselves with the social dynamics of digitalisation and the historical change in the media in terms of social knowledge, information, and communications practises.

Furthermore, the faculty also reinforces its research profile in numerous interdisciplinary research establishments, centres, and institutes:

Research projects of the fac­ulty

Current research projects can be found under the heading Projects or Research of the respective subject areas of the departments and the Institute:

Department of Political Science

Institute of Physical Education and Sports Science

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