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Faculty of Social Sciences

The Fac­ulty of So­cial Sci­ences is home for the subjects history, political science, sociology, geography and sports and sports science. The reconnection of research and teaching with the themes and contents of `society´ lays the common ground for the subjects. In their scientific work, they react to social challenges and not only do they convey their results into the academic community, but also into society.

Faculty of Social Sciences

26 Fields of study
280 Emloyees and collaborators
4.000 Students
18 Degree programmes

It is within this scope that research and teaching in this faculty are characterised by a large diversity of questions and methods.
All the subjects concern themselves with the latest social development, starting with needs and the effects that make themselves known within the micro area (for individuals and groups) and extending to coherences that are understood nationally and transnationally. All the subjects address the aspects of heterogeneity and diversity, migration and transnationality, europeanisation, and globalisation. The latest aspects such as gender research or post-colonial studies show the continuing reorientation of the faculty along changing social constellations. It is our claim to also demonstrate an openness and developmental capacity in teaching and inwards. The equality of the subjects and joint teaching and research projects have hereby proven themselves to an extraordinary extent.


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