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Welfare state research and social policy (especially long-term care policy).

Association research and interest groups: Welfare associations

Political systems of the German states and local politics

Populism and extremism, parties and electoral systems

since 03/2020 Lecturer for special tasks at the University of Kassel, Department of Political System of the FRG

06/2018 until 05/2020 Research assistant at the University of Kassel, Department of Political System of the FRG

04/2018 First state examination for the teaching profession at grammar schools with the subjects politics and economics, chemistry

06/2014 to 04/2018 Scholarship of the Evangelisches Studienwerk Villigst

Supervision of theses

  • in the Bachelor of Political Science, Vocational Education and Business Education as well as

  • in the Master of Vocational Education and Business Education (L4);

First state examination

(only for the teaching profession at Gymnasiums (L3) and at Haupt- und Realschulen (L2) in the subject Politics and Economics; not core studies):

I will examine for the last time in spring 2023. Examiners can be found here.

  • Scientific homework (WHA)
  • written exams (Klausuren)
  • oral exams

especially in these topics:

  • Popular legislation: more democracy or aberration?
  • Basic Law - constitutional framework of German politics
  • Interest groups: lobbyism, corporatism, pluralism
  • Local politics between consociational and competitive democracy
  • Local elections: Participation and legitimation of local democracy
  • Politics and governance in Hesse
  • Political Participation: Conventional, Unconventional, Social and Expressive?
  • Right-wing extremism in schools and society
  • Right-wing populism in schools and society

Supervised research papers (WHA):

  1. Non-thematization of right-wing terror? Possibilities and strategies of political education using the example of a local educational association
  2. Right-wing extremism and right-wing populism - independent concepts or gradation model?
  3. The AfD in the area of tension between conservative and right-wing extremist positions: A special challenge for political education.

Supervised Bachelor Theses:

  1. Interest groups in journalism - How is the labor struggle of precariously employed journalists in Germany shaped using the example of the DJV and Freischreiber associations?
  2. Which factors favor the spread of right-wing extremist positions in East Germany?
  3. Why anti-Semitic manifestation characteristics change - a comparison of the first half of 2019 and 2020
  4. Right-wing extremism in Germany: Does the Alternative for Germany reveal right-wing extremist tendencies?
  5. Between failed initiative and facilitation of mobile work: a policy analysis on a "right to home office" in the Mobile Work Act
  6. The (new) right in the USA. Attempting to explain the success of the New Tea Party movement among a socioeconomically disadvantaged electorate in the American South
  7. Women in political positions. An examination of the varying proportions of women in selected state legislatures.
  8. From Mexico through the Holey Wall to the U.S. - A Policy Field Analysis of U.S. Immigration Policy from 1993 to 2021.
  9. Collective Action in Hospital Care - What Challenges Stand in the Way of Successful Organizing of Wage Earners?
  10. Diakonie Germany as an actor in nursing policy
  11. Is the Alternative for Germany an extreme right-wing party?
  12. Direct Democracy and the Climate Crisis - An Attempt to Rescue Democratic Culture

Supervised Master Theses:

  • Muslim Welfare and Volunteer Engagement: Challenges, Problems, and Approaches in Founding an Association of Independent Welfare Organizations

Supervision of Pratikum reports in the areas of:

  • Media system
  • Parliamentarism
  • Local self-government
  • Political education (adult education centers, Protestant academies, etc.)
  • Associations (employers' associations, trade unions, social association VdK (Hesse-Thuringia), welfare associations and others)