Fer­ti­ge Pro­jek­te

Fight­ing for the fu­ture

Essaya on Star Trek: Discovery

Dr. Sabrina Mittermeier, Mareike Spychala (Hg.)

Fighting for the future: Mehr Infos

Ti­me and Tem­po­ra­li­ty in The­me Parks

Filippo Carlà-Uhink, Florian Freitag, Sabrina Mittermeier, Ariane Schwarz (Hg.)

Time and Temporality in Theme Parks: Mehr Infos

A Cul­tu­ral His­to­ry of the Dis­ney­land The­me Parks

Middle Class Kingdoms

Sabrina Mittermeier

A Cultural History of the Disneyland Theme Parks: Mehr Infos