PhDs in progress

Die Promotionsausbildung hat im Fachgebiet „Globalisierung & Politik“ einen hohen Stellenwert. Prof. Dr. Christoph Scherrer leitet die Graduate School of Socio-Ecological Research for Development des International Center for Development and Decent Work (ICDD).

Arbeiten auch außerhalb dieser strukturierten Promotionsprogramme werden betreut.

Sampriti Biswas
The Political Economy of the Electronic Market Place for Agriculture in India

Anne Engelhardt
Labouring bodies at chokepoints – histories and contestation at ports and airports in Brazil and Portugal

Emre Gömeç
Innovation and Financialization of Enterprise: The Case of Two European Technology Giants NOKIA and Ericsson

Ihtesham ul Haq
Pakistan Repeated Balance of Payments Crises and Drawdowns on IMF Loans

Ludwig Hehl
Institutional Traps and Developmental Coalitions in Mexico and Turkey

David Michael O’Connell
The prerequisites for successful employee buyouts and their implications for
organised labour within the globalised economy

Svenja Quitsch
The Post-growth Transformation in International Organizations

Jahnavi Rao
The Political Economy of Non-performing Assets in India

Pavlos Roufos-Kanakaris
Price stability, austerity and Ordoliberalism: the making of economic policy in Germany

Anil Shah
Financial Ecologies of Poverty in Early 21st Century India

Salome Topuria
Progressive Industrial Policy in Open Economies: The Case of Georgia

Nina Ulbrich
Chinas Beijing Consensus in Afrika: Neue Perspektiven in der Konzeption solidarischer Wirtschafts- und Entwicklungspolitik?

Janine Walter
Global Framework Agreements - As a global concept for implementing labour rights

Anna Weber
Pharmaunternehmen übernehmen menschenrechtliche Verantwortung? Zugang zu Arzneimitteln als öffentliche und private Herausforderung

Xiao Alvin Yang
The Tensions Among Globalization, Regional Integration and the Resurgence of Nationalism: Critical Theoretical Discourse and Cases from East Asia, Europe and North America