English-taught Master programmes

At Master's level, we offer following English-taught Master programmes:

- Master Global Political Economy and Development (GPED)
- Master Labour Policies and Globalisation (LPG)
- Agriculture, Ecology and Societies (AGES)

If you have any questions regarding the English taught Master programmes, please contact the respective coordinator directly!

Bild: Bild: Paavo Blafield

Master Global Political Economy and Development (GPED)

The master’s degree course in Global Political Economy and Development (GPED) aims to help students to develop a critical understanding of the numerous theoretical approaches and practical issues as well as the wide spectrum of institutions, players and processes in the Global Political Economy. The course also seeks to enable students to apply this knowledge in practice.

Bild: Paavo Blafield

Master Labour Policies and Globalisation (LPG)

Since 2004 the Global Labour University (GLU) network has offered this Master programme on sustainable development, social justice, international labour standards, trade unions, economic policies and global institutions. This unique global programme is jointly developed by universities and workers organisations from around the world.

Bild: Sonja Rode

Agriculture, Ecology and Societies (AGES, interdisciplinary programm)

Agriculture is the most far-reaching interaction between humans and the planet. In overlapping food, environmental, climate and political crises worldwide, agriculture and rural development play a key role. To transform agriculture(s) sustainably and equitably, we need students who connect advances in different scientific, social and political fields.