Architecture Cities Economies


Architecture, Cities, Economies

Prof. Dr. Gabu Heindl

Wednesdays 10:00

Class number in university directory: A-2.0-01,  A-1.0-02

The seminar Architecture, Cities, Economies focuses on the relationship between our everyday built space and multiple economies: Who is and has been in charge of making cities? How have urbanists, architects and activists been dealing with the loss of affordable housing, with public space under pressure? What are the different economies to understand a city beyond the process of financialization? We will critically study the concept and impacts of solidarity economy, foundational economy, sharing economy – with a special focus on the basic human need and right to housing.

Central to these questions will be to look at spaces of conflict, at historic and contemporary actual places as well as examples of the constant negotiations and dissolutions within the diversity of economies.

Base for discussions within the seminar is a close reading of texts by Hannah Arendt, Lucius Burckhardt, Silvia Federici, David Harvey, Andrej Holm, Bell Hooks, David Madden, Peter Marcuse, Urban Commons Collective, Virginia Woolf, Sharon Zukin, a.o.

Requirements for the seminar are to complete bi-weekly readings, come to class ready to actively participate in discussion, and hand-in of an independent final paper. There is no final examination.

The language of the class is English.