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Funding line "Internet-based service" meets for coordination meeting in Munich

On October 20, the second coordination meeting of the funding line "Internet-based services" within the research project "Innovation Nachhaltig Gestalten" (ING)  took place. The HISS-Hybrid Intelligence Service Support project, in the person of Mahei Li  and Philipp Reinhard  from the Department of Information Systems at the University of Kassel, also took an active part. With the objective of successfully anchoring the ideas and solutions developed by the project networks in practice in the long term, the participants were able to develop inspiring approaches on the basis of impulse lectures and keynotes on exploitation strategies. The perfectly organized event offered countless opportunities for networking, discussing and exchanging project experiences and results. The location on the 31st floor of the Munich Highlight Towers created a special atmosphere for both the participants and the speakers.

The event was kicked off by Christoph Ziegler, from the Project Management Agency Karlsruhe (PTKA), with a motivational speech on the successful exploitation of research projects from the perspective of the project management agency. Afterwards, the Sealed Services project presented illustrative examples of exploitation strategies. Based on the results of the previous coordination meetings and the research project, the group divided into four Hands On Sessions, in which concrete exploitation strategies were developed with impulses from experienced speakers. For example, Dr. Mahei Li from the Department of Business Informatics at the University of Kassel and PD Dr. Christoph Peters each moderated a session on the development of business models & foundation and on the anchoring of innovations in operational value creation and work processes. After a lunch break, the event continued with an exciting keynote speech by Florian Bankoley (Head of Global IT at Bosch) on the topic of paradigm shifts in business and a subsequent panel discussion in the form of a fishbowl.

Very important for all project networks of the funding line was the presentation of the planned final event on 20.06.2023 in Kassel. There, exciting keynotes, an intensive knowledge transfer of the project results, exhibitions of selected projects as well as the results of the research project "Shaping Innovation Sustainably" await the project networks at the Campus Center. Following a documenta guided tour, the project successes and the planned final publication will be celebrated in the Orangerie. Christoph Peters underlined the importance of the event for the project networks: "Save the Date!".