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HISS -Hybrid Intelligence Service Support

Initial Situation

In the era of continuously increasing numbers of digital products, processes and services, the demands on high-quality IT-Support are constantly rising. This applies to small businesses as well as to large companies. Therefore, not only the number of support requests is increasing dramatically, but also the number of different request types. This leads, among other things, to IT-Support staff being confronted with a variety of repetitive, monotonous tasks. This can lead to employee dissatisfaction with their work, especially during peak hours, and can affect the quality and efficiency of the IT-Support.

Aim of the project

The goal of the research project HISS is the development of a user-centered service system for IT support based on hybrid intelligence. The system combines classical support with crowd based approaches, which further includes experts of the staff in the process. In addition, an automated chatbot technology is being developed, which in turn enables the integration of human support and corresponding problem-solving skills.


For this purpose, the previous IT-Support processes in different companies are examined, classified and evaluated. The results are applied to the development of the HISS concept, consisting of the combination of an AI chatbot technology and crowd-based support structures based on expert knowledge. With the help of interviews, scientific evaluations and workshops the concept is iteratively developed further and optimized. Employees will be enabled to design the AI deployment themselves. The pilot phase will be carried out with three partner companies: a small, a medium-sized and a large international company.


The project results are continuously processed in a playbook that invites thinking and experimenting. It shows, based on practical examples, how to create your own model for the IT support. HISS will reduce the workload of employees and will create space for upgrading and redesigning the role of the support staff. This sets the stage for innovations, quality and user orientation of future support and consequently also the competitiveness of companies.



The HISS project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BmBF) under the project management of PTKA (Projektträger Karlsruhe am Karlsruher Institut für Technologie/KIT).

Funding code: 02K18D060


  • Prof. Dr. Jan Marco Leimeister
  • Dr. Andreas Janson
  • Ernestine Dickhaut