Autarq 2.0

Starting situation

Dynamic growth is a challenge, specially for young companies. Especially when corporate structures change quickly and flexibly as a result of rapid growth, it is important to enable employees to participate in the change. In this phase, companies are dependent on their employees acting in a self-organized manner, sharing knowledge with each other and developing a learning culture. The question of how to create the framework conditions for this is posed by Autarq GmbH. Triggered by dynamic growth and change processes, the still young company wants to promote and support its employees in production and give them the opportunity to actively participate in the change in the company and in the co-design of processes. A key success factor for this project is the establishment of the so-called "agile mindset" among employees.

Aim of the project

The aim of the "Autarq 2.0" project is to promote the principles of the agile mindset among employees, in particular the associated dimensions of "autonomous self-direction and collaborative exchange". In this way, we want to work with the Institute for Transformation to make the workforce in production fit for the dynamic growth process at Autarq.

The project represents an opportunity for us to put the initial results from our research efforts on the topic of Agile Mindset into practice. Conversely, this project offers us the opportunity to incorporate practical findings into our research on the Agile Mindset.

Project Team

  • Fachgebiet Wirtschaftsinformatik – Universität Kassel
  • Institut für Transformation – Karen Eilers



The project is funded by Autarq GmbH as part of a research and development contract in the period 2022 to 2023.