Re­­se­­arch pro­­jects

AnEkA - Legal and Quality-Centered Requirement and Design Patterns for Context-Aware Applications

Initial Situation

Context-aware systems use numerous data that refers to the user and her environment to deliver personalized situative services. They present users situation-relevant information and support them in their daily activities. Thereby, data is gathered from... [more]

Digital and Crowd-based Service Systems for the Establishment of Sustainable and Livable Living Environment 2020

Starting Situation

Chance: Digitalization for an extended range and depth of participation in civic participation

The isolation of individual social strata, the acceleration of social change and ... [more]

Fundamentals in Collaborative Interactive Learning (Acronym: CIL) 

Starting situation

Technical systems are solving increasingly complex tasks with the help of computers. Originally, these systems had been drawn up for particular tasks and operating conditions and were limited to those during runtime. Nowadays, they... [more]

Empowerment in the digitized working environment – 

Developing sustainable concepts for the digitization (EdA)

Starting situation

With the digitization of economy and society, we become contemporary witnesses of a profound change with far-reaching consequences for companies and their employees. The progressive digitization and a new quality of informatization... [more]

HISS -Hybrid Intelligence Service Support

Initial Situation

In the era of continuously increasing numbers of digital products, processes and services, the demands on high-quality IT-Support are constantly rising. This applies to small businesses as well as to large companies. Therefore,... [mehr]

AI junior research group "Hybridization of human and artificial intelligence in knowledge work (HyMeKI)

Initial Situation

Advances in the field of artificial intelligence, (especially machine learning and speech recognition), offer new design options for reorganizing knowledge work at the interface between humans and AI. AI systems not only provide potential in... [more]


KI-BAKI-basierte Business Automation für wiederkehrende Geschäftsmodelle

Initial Situation

In today’s time subscription-based business models gain significant relevance and develop across all industries, including IT, production, e-commerce and future-oriented industries like digital media, automotive... [more]

KoLeArn - Context-senstive Learning Services in the Work Process of the Smart Industrial Production – Systematic Engineering and Piloting in China

Initial Situation

The digitization of economy and society does not only change value-added processes, but will also permanently change the current production and working methods. Furthermore, ... [more]

Nudger - Nudging Privacy in the Digitized Working Environment - Systematic Concept Development and Piloting

Initial Situation

As an increasing number of decisions are made online today, such as shopping, holiday bookings or insurance, nudging is becoming increasingly important in the digital context, especially when it... [more]