Schreibtipps etc.

Use Google Scholar instead of Google. Note that EconBiz claims (in this paper) to be superior.
Here are more links: UB EZB  wiso  ideas  nepebsco hebis

You don't have fancy statics software on your computer? In some cases, these resources help:

VassarStats - a large free collection of online tests etc.

StatPages - this is a very large link collection leading you to free and/or online statistics tools.

PSPP - a free software, intended as an alternative for SPSS, recommended by a fellow student.

Stat Trek - Teach yourself statistics

Virtueller PC-Pool   

Plagiarism and Deception: Information for students (english)
[German version: Plagiat und Täuschung - Hinweise für Studierende]
You might also find these "Avoiding Plagiarism" pages useful, which are part of the Harvard Writing Resources.

In our library, we have a nice little book by Robert Neugeboren: "The Student's Guide to Writing Economics". Here is an older manuscript version of the book for download.

Our faculty's Institute of Economics has a short guide on how to meet the formal requirements of seminar papers or master theses. An English version is forthcoming; in the meantime, have a look here.

Here are some links I like:

On revising

On the writer's block (which means "Schreibblockade" in German. It happens to the best of us)

Improving Your Writing Style   

Here is something in German: Im WS 2010/11 und den Sommersemestern 2010 & 2011 hatte ich zu Wiwi aktuell, die Zeitschrift des FB 07, eine kleine Serie über das Schreiben im Studium beigetragen. Eine Zusammenstellung dieser Artikelchen finden Sie hier. SPON brachte mal Präsentationstipps, die ich eigentlich sehr gut fand, bis auf einen, der da lautete: "Wenn es gar nicht anders geht, sollten Erstsemester den Vortrag erst einmal ganz ablesen" - niemals auch nur in Erwägung ziehen!

If you have some other useful links that you would like me to recommend, please let me know. And please report broken links!

Authors of empirical papers, please note:

This is from Professor Bünstorf's report on a master thesis; I wholeheartedly agree:

Mr. *** submitted a quantitative empirical master thesis (...) written in very good English. However, an author who cites Karl Popper should not refer to his findings as “proving” anything.

Same for authors who do not cite Karl Popper.