Mass Spectrometry

The Mass Spectrometry Department offers all scientists at the University of Kassel the service of analyzing samples using various mass spectrometric methods. Please drop off the samples to be measured in front of room 3173 (3rd floor of AVZ II) together with a filled-out order form. The samples will be measured according to the proposed method (special measurements require prior consultation with the laboratory manager).

In case of any uncertainties or scientific questions, the laboratory manager Dr. Sven Fürmeier is at your disposal under the telephone number 4757 or in room 3163, AVZ II.

Sample requirements

All samples are - if possible - delivered undissolved in a tightly closed screw or snap-on lid glass vial in a sufficient and visible quantity (> 10 mg). Always specify a suitable solvent on the order form. Solvents such as triethylamine, DMSO or DMF are unsuitable for mass spectrometry because they cause persistent signals and should therefore be avoided. Suitable solvents for non-polar compounds are acetone, dichloromethane, diethyl ether or chloroform, for polar substances acetonitrile, methanol or water. The sample vial must be labelled and the label is identical to the sample name in the order form. The samples are to be delivered as low in salt and as buffer-free as possible. Samples sensitive to air and moisture can be delivered dissolved after arrangement. In such cases the concentration should not exceed 10-3 mol/l.