Instrumental equipment

The following mass spectrometers are currently available at the Institute of Chemistry at the University of Kassel for routine analysis:

Finnigan LCQDECA made by ThermoQuest

  • Quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometer with external ion source Ionization techniques: electrospray ionization (ESI) and chemical ionization at atmospheric pressure (APCI)
  • MS/MS Scan, Zoom- and Ultra Zoom Scan
  • Selected/Consecutive Ion/Reaction Monitoring
  • Single Ion Monitoring
  • MS10 capability, LC compatible

DSQ II made by Thermo Scientific

  • Single quadrupole GC-MS with prefilter and turbomolecular pump (250 L/s )
  • electron impact ionization
  • Scan rate 11.000 amu/sec.
  • Mass range: < m/z 1050
  • Full-Scan and Single Ion Monitoring (SIM)
  • Direct-Inlet-System via DIP probe


Ultraflex made by Bruker Daltonics

  • Ionization technique: Matrix-Assisted-Laser-Desorption-Ionisation (MALDI) by a 337 nm nitrogen laser
  • Time of flight TOF) technology
  • Second flight tube (TOF/TOF) allows analysis of LIFT- or CID-induced fragments
  • SCOUT 384 and 1536 microtiter target with transponder technology
  • Resolution in linear mode: > 8.000 FWHM, in reflectron mode: > 20.000 FWHM

Exactive made by Themo Scientific

  • Ionization technique: Electrospray ionization (ESI) and chemical ionization at atmospheric pressure (APCI)
  • APCI-DIP (Direct-Inlet-Probe) 
  • Orbitrap technology
  • Exact mass measurement due to high mass accuracy
    < 2 ppm (with internal calibration)
  • High Resolution R(FWHM) = 100.000
  • Mass range in normal mode: < m/z 2000; in extended
    mode: < m/z 4.000
  • HCD collision cell, LC compatible