The Box Project

Dear colleague,

You have probably often found yourself in a situation in which you would have liked to include experiments in your lessons in order to convey abstract scientific facts as clearly and realistically as possible. In everyday school life, this request is often difficult to realize because it requires a great deal of time, material, and organization.

Not least for cost reasons, many ideas for experimentation fail on their way into the classroom.

We know this problem well, which is why we have made it a topic in teacher training since the 1990s. In this context, numerous experimentation sets were developed within the framework of exam papers, which were elaborated by the students in terms of both subject matter and methodological-didactic aspects, and some of which were also tested.

Each box focuses on a topic from the students' everyday lives. The boxes contain most of the necessary materials and equipment. In addition, there are instructions for experiments, information material for reading up on factual information, illustrative material and, in some cases, handouts for interdisciplinary teaching.

We aim to provide you with ideas and suggestions for everyday teaching. Above all, we want to relieve you of a large part of the time-consuming preparation and costly procurement of materials.

(material and directions only in German)