Experimental Physics I - Prof. Dr. Singer

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Prof. Dr. Kilian Singer


Sandra Berner

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Tue 9.00 - 17.00 and Thu 9.00 - 13.00

AVZ I, 1st Floor, Room 1165

Welcome to the Experimental Physics I / Light-Matter Interaction group of Prof. Dr. Kilian Singer. The research of our group covers various aspects of light matter interaction in the quantum regime. We are operating experiments with trapped ions, cold neutral atoms, molecule beams and color centers in the solid state. Using these systems, we study thermodynamics at the atomic scale, the role of chirality in atoms and molecules and realize improved quantum sensors.

News from the workgroup

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17.06.2021 - EXIST Scholarship for start-up idea PEERCSCOPE

An interactive glass panel revolutionizes digital teaching and virtual collaboration. Now the start-up idea PEERSCOPE is supported within the EXIST-Scholarship.

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Modern physics: relativity, quantum physics, nuclear & particle physics explained step by step

This lecture at the University of Kassel deals with Modern Physics and spans relativity, quantum physics, nuclear physics and particle physics. Everything is explained and derived step by step. Numerous experiments and thought experiments are performed. One of the highlights is the experimental verification of the non-locality of quantum mechanics (Einstein's statement: "God does not play dice").