New bachelor student

Welcome Volodymyr ZhyrnyiWe wish you a good time in the AG Ehresmann!

Extreme Atomic Systems conference 2024

Group picture.

From 11. - 16.02.2024 Dana Bloß, Emilia Heikura, Niklas Golchert and Yusaku Terao participated at the 44. EAS conference in Riezlern, Austria. In more than 50 talks, recent research results regarding light-matter interaction, highly charged ions, structured light and many other topics were presented. In between the scientific program in the morning and evening, the afternoon could be utilized for skiing or hiking in the mountains.

Doctoral defense of Valeria Music

On 17.01.2024, Valeria Music successfully defended her doctoral thesis with the title Towards the investigation of ultrafast dynamics in chiral systems using free-electron lasers

We wish you only the best for your future!

New Postdoc

Since december 2023, Dr. Madhusree Roy-Chowdhury supports the spectroscopy team as a postdoc. We wish you a successful time in the AG Ehresmann!

Workshop "Soft X-ray Science at PETRA"

From 29.11. - 01.12.2023 Andreas Hans, Dana Bloß and Emilia Heikura represented our group with one talk and two posters at the "Soft X-ray Science at PETRA" workshop on the DESY (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron) campus in Hamburg. 

Beamtime at MAX IV in Sweden

Group picture at the FlexPES beamline.

From 18.11 - 27.11.2023 Yusaku Terao, Dana Bloß, Gabriel Klassen, Johannes Viehmann, Andreas Hans, Adrian Krone and Niklas Golchert performed an experiment at the FlexPES beamline of the storage ring MAX IV in Lund, Sweden. They used a liquid micro-jet to investigate the electron emission spectra of solvated salts and biomolecules. Special focus lied on the multiple relaxation mechanisms that occur after ionization by X-rays.

Beamtime at ILL in Grenoble

Group picture in front of the detector at ILL.

From 26.10.-03.11.2023, Arne Vereijken, Varun Vanakalapu, Christian Janzen and Rico Huhnstock employed polarized neutron reflectometry at the world's most potent neutron source, the ILL in Grenoble, in order to examine the magnetization of their samples at varying depths and under the influence of an external magnetic field. They intended to confirm the formation of magnetic spiral states induced by two arbitrarily set exchange-bias effects.

New bachelor students

Welcome Julian Hertlein and Christopher Wilke. We wish you a good time in the AG Ehresmann!

Doctoral defense of Sapida Akhundzada

On 18.10.2023, Sapida Akhundzada successfully defended her doctoral thesis with the title Asymmetric magnetization reversal processes in exchange-biased microstructures

We wish you only the best for your future!

Experiment at the EuXFEL

In October 2023, Lutz Marder and Niklas Golchert participated at an inhouse beamtime of the Small Quantum Systems (SQS) group of the European X-ray free-electron laser facility (EuXFEL). Goals of the experiment were on one hand the establishment of the "angular streaking" method as a tool for the characterization of attosecond soft X-ray pulses and on the other hand the implementation of intelligent online data analysis by machine learning.

Beamtime at SOLEIL in France

From 01.10-10.10.2023, Emilia Heikura, Christina Zindel, Andreas Hans, Catmarna Küstner-Wetekkam, Lutz Marder and Johannes Viehmann conducted an experiment at the synchrotron radiation facility SOLEIL in France. During this experiment, it was investigated how the distance of an atom to the stereocenter of a chiral molecule (here: sec-butyl trimethylsilylether) influences the inner-shell photoelectron circular dichroism (PECD), a common measure for the chirality of molecules.


Group retreat 2023

From the 27.09.-29.09.2023, our yearly group retreat took place. The objective of this event was the discussion of scientific topics in a relaxed environment as well as strengthening the team spirit within the group.