Proteins involved in lipid metabolism (Plin pg. 1)


Protein Text

Top: The perilipin (Plin) protein is present in almost all organisms. It is synthesized in the cytoplasm (brown dots) and subsequently coats the surface of lipid droplets.

Right: A cell showing GFP-Plin (green) surrounding the TAG core of lipid droplets stained by a fluorescent dye called LD540 (red).

Protein Text 1

Function: We have used GFP-tagged perilipin to aid the biochemical purification of lipid droplets from Dictyostelium, allowing us to fully characterize their protein composition and lipid contents.


Du et al., 2013

  • Du, X., Barisch, C., Paschke, P., Herrfurth, C., Bertinetti, O., Pawolleck, N., Otto, H., Rühling, H., Feussner, I., Herberg, F.W., Maniak, M.: Dictyostelium lipid droplets host novel proteins. Eukaryotic Cell 12, 1517-1529, 2013