Wrinkled Amorphous Films

In the last decades, optoelectronics has increased in interest as we can see in the fast development of electronic addressable, organic dye-based devices. As an example, organic, optically pumped lasers are well established systems nowadays. Thin films of such organic dyes can show light amplification hence they can be used for such lasers systems. My PhD thesis is focused on the understanding of the photonics in thin films with a special interest in optically active multi-layered thin films designed by wrinkling (b).

Recent publications showed that waves guides can result in stable, multimodal laser spectra in the range of the fluorescence of the emitting material whereas the prediction of the mode wavelengths is rather difficult. Therefore, detailed analysis to investigate the morphological correlation with the laser modes are needed.

The focus of my research is to evolve new and automatic ways of surface characterization with an overall goal to control, capture (filming), and analyse surface wrinkling at the same time to get a more detailed view of the phenomenon (a and c). With the above-mentioned information and parameters, the design of optical simulations of measured emission spectra by taking advantage of the captured surface topology enables the possibility of a deeper understanding of thin film disordered devices.

M. Sc. Lukas Wolfram (Doktorand)