How to become a member of the Working Group

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Dear prospective members of our working group,
it is very simple to become a member of the Working Group.
Only a maximum of 2 steps need to be taken:

  1. If you are not a member of the German Society of Agronomy, please
    first register as a member under or contact the manager of the Society Dr. Andreas Fricke fricke[at]gem.uni-hannover[dot]de.
    Members can use the advantage of getting a discount for the annual meeting and workshops organized by the GPW. The fees are very low, thus, being a member pays!


  2. Indicate in your Email to the Society manager that you want to become also a member of the Working Group Remote Sensing in Crop Science/AG Fernerkundliche Methoden in den Pflanzenbauwissenschaften. If you are already a Society member than simply indicate to the Society manager, that you are interested in a WG membership.