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Guest lecture by Sergio Coronado on Agrarian law and legal activism

On May 9, 2022, the course Critical Perspectives of the Food System (Ariane Götz) welcomed Sergio Coronado, PhD, to hold a guest lecture on critical agrarian issues of  “Agrarian law and legal activism”, focusing on the role and interrelations of agrarian law, environmental law and human rights law, as they are currently articulated in the context of agrarian movements’ legal mobilization.

Sergio Coronado holds a PhD in Development Studies (ISS, The Netherlands) and Political Science (UniKassel, Germany). He is also an associate researcher at Cinep, Bogotá, Colombia. He works on land, agrarian political economy and critical perspectives on law, focusing his area of research in Colombia. His PhD thesis 'Peasants, Protests and Litigation: Struggles over land and institutions in Colombia' assesses peasants’ use of popular consultations, legal proceedings and human rights protection actions as a mechanism to challenge and oppose the land and resource rush impacts in what they considered their territories. (

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