Action Day for Reconnaissance 2.0: It's our turn! 26.10.23

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The pioneering role of science on the way from (neo-)colonial structures to partnership and responsibility 2.0

How can we overcome neo-colonial structures - in science and beyond? What does responsibility of science mean in a post-colonial world? How do we achieve a discourse at eye level in order to jointly address the pressing problems of our time?

We will address these and other questions at the next "Action Day on Enlightenment 2.0: It's our Turn!" at the University of Kassel. You can expect exciting contributions, among others from Prof. Ernst Pöppel, Prof. Alexandra Retkowski and Dr. Albert Denk. As well as a panel discussion on the topic "Impulses for practice: How can we think and implement a responsibility 2.0? Future visions for a sustainable global science system".


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Cooperation with VDW e.V.

The event takes place in cooperation with the Association of German Scientists (VDW e.V:). On the page of VDW e.V. you will find the program.

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The event is part of the series Witzenhausen and Colonialism 1898|2023 From Colonial Past to Present Responsibility?