Welcome to the Section of Agricultural and Food Marketing


The research at the Department of Agricultural and Food Marketing deals with various topics of marketing, market research and the analysis of agricultural markets. The focus is on the expectations of citizens and consumers towards sustainable agriculture and food industry as well as sustainable food systems.
An important part of this research is the analysis of the changing social challenges and expectations of organic food supply chains. What are the consequences for the further development of organic agriculture itself, but also for processing, trade and final use? The question of suitable communication strategies for organic agriculture and its products is at stake in order to increase the acceptance of and demand for organic food.

Head of section

Agricultural -and Food Mar­ke­ting

  • What contribution can consumers make to the development of sustainable agriculture and food systems?
  • How can consumers and citizens be involved in the development of sustainable food systems?
  • How should the organic farming and food industry evolve in the future in order to meet society's demands for a sustainable, transparent, safe and viable agriculture?
  • How should the organic food and farming sector communicate its contributions to societal challenges?


The department contributes to the entire spectrum of the department's Bachelor and Master programmes, both in German and in English. The courses in the BSc programme include the basic courses "Agricultural Market Theory and Markets" and "Agricultural and Food Marketing". In the Master's programmes the modules "International Markets and Marketing of Organic Products", "Marketing Research" and a project seminar on marketing research are offered.

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