Environmental Process Engineering

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Image: K. Kaetzl; University of Kassel

Due to the rapid global population growth, combined with continuing urbanisation, economic growth and climatic changes, the worldwide pressure on finite resources and raw materials is growing. The preservation and protection of the earth's ecosystems and, in particular, of our resources for future generations is a key point for a sustainable development. In 2015, the United Nations adopted the 2030 Agenda with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to implement global sustainable development.

Research and development of resource-efficient process chains

The aim of the working group is to develop and implement integrated concepts for the sustainable use and management of resources. To this end, solutions are developed that are ecologically valuable as well as economically viable and socially acceptable. Integrated concepts for sustainable resource management are developed through inter- and transdisciplinary research approaches and cooperation at national and international level. This includes the following areas in particular:

Water resource management and protection of aquatic ecosystems:

  • Advanced wastewater treatment for the removal of micropollutants.
  • Adapted wastewater treatment systems for countries of the global South
  • Water reuse for agricultural and industrial applications

Bioresource management and conservation of terrestrial ecosystems:

  • Development of new resources through recycling concepts for residual biomasses
  • Conservation and promotion of terrestrial ecosystems through valorisation of biomasses
  • Development of adapted land management concepts

Renewable energies and renewable raw materials

  • Development of new renewable energy sources [Concept for Integrated Solid Fuel and Biogas Production from Biomass (IFBB Process)].
  • Biomethane from residual biomass
  • Platform Chemicals from Renewable Resources for the Production of Bioplastics and Composites [Green Chemistry].
  • Integrative concepts for the use of residual biomasses for energy production and activated carbon production.