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M.Sc. Fruzsina Éva Schmidt

Postgraduate researcher (Doctoral Candidate)

Universität Kassel
Faculty Organic Agricultural Sciences
Section of Grassland Science and Renewable Plant Resources
Steinstrasse 19
D-37213 Witzenhausen
37213 Witzenhausen
Lecture hall building Steinstrasse

Brief introduction  (M.Sc. Fruzsina Éva Schmidt)

Fruzsina Schmidt is a scientific employee at the Department of Grassland Science and Renewable Plant Resources at the University of Kassel. She studied horticultural engineering with the specialization in medicinal and aromatic plants at Szent István University and sustainable international agriculture with the specialization in international organic agriculture at the University of Kassel and Göttingen. Currently, she works in the UNSIFRAN project to obtain a doctoral degree. The core point of her work is to evaluate the yield and weed control effect of alternative silage maize systems with systematic weed control. These alternative systems have the aim to reduce the negative side-effects of the currently known silage maize farming systems (and) to increase the resiliance in the system.

Research interests  (M.Sc. Fruzsina Éva Schmidt)

  • Optimization strategies of farming systems
  • Understanding the interactions of components in primarily man-made biomes to emphasize diversification among management systems
  • Diversification strategies to increase the resilience in farming
  • Perception, (genetical) responses of co-existing organisms, adaptation
  • Botany, taxonomy
  • Processes of evapotranspiration
  • Statistics with an emphasis on experimental design-planning, mixed effect models and the evaluation of complex experimental designs with the primary use of contrasts

Research projects  (M.Sc. Fruzsina Éva Schmidt)

UNSIFRAN “Preventive, systematic weed management in silage maize through crop rotation and crop design”

Publications  (M.Sc. Fruzsina Éva Schmidt)

Schmidt, F., Böhm, H., Piepho, H. P., Urbatzka, P., Wachendorf, M., & Graß, R. (2022). Management Effects on the Performance of Double Cropping Systems—Results from a Multi-Site Experiment. Agronomy, 12(9), 2104.

CV  (M.Sc. Fruzsina Éva Schmidt)

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